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Correspondent Courses  

Distance Learning

What about those winter evenings?

Don't waste them, when you could deepen your faith and widen your grasp of the Bible with the aid of a Correspondence Course

  • work at a pace suitable to your circumstances
  • answer questions segment by segment
  • Certificate of Achievement on completion
  • Courses are suitable for all levels

young convert/ mature Christian


An Overview of the Old Testament 
(13 Segments)  30
giving a background to the main historical events of the Old Testament
A Survey of the New Testament 
(7 Segments) 20
Briefly dealing with the message of the Gospel, the formation of the Early Church and future prophesies.
A Study of Philippians (12 Segments)  30
A verse by verse study of the book of Philippians
A Study of the Major Cults (9 Segments)  28
Dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Martial Arts & Spiritism and The New Age Movement
A Study of the Early Old Testament Books Part 1   (8 Segments) 28
Creation, The Flood, How Nations began and Character Studies
A Study of the Early Old Testament Books Part 2    (6 Segments)
Joseph and his family going down into Egypt, The Law, The Tabernacle, The Offerings and Feasts.
A Study of the Book of Romans (5 Segments) 30
A section by section study of the book.

How the Course Operates

Enclosed with your first segment of the course will be the questions relating to that section. Answer the questions and then return them to "Bethel Bible College" whereupon they will be marked and returned to you with the next segment of the course. Operating the course in this manner enables you to work at a pace best suited to your circumstances.

The fee for the course is payable to "Bethel Bible College" on the return of your first answer.

Completion of the Course

A "Bethel Bible College" Certificate of Achievement will be presented on completion of your Correspondence Course.


Rev. Noble Maxwell

2 The Willows
BT45 5RH

Tel: (028) 7963 3096
E-mail:   noble.maxwell@homecall.co.uk


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