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History of the Fellowship of 

Independent Methodist Churches

A group of concerned Christians within the Methodist Church were faced with a very painful decision. It had become clear to them that the denomination they loved and had supported and served with was no longer upholding and adhering to its original evangelical position. Many attempts were made to halt the spiritual decline and restore their church to its original purity of doctrine and practice. Such attempts included the formation of a movement called "The Irish Methodist Revival Movement."

Having exhausted all means to reform the church from within, they recognised that to remain within such a denomination was to compromise their Christian principles. After much prayer they were convinced they could no longer remain within their church but that God was clearly directing them to establish a witness that would be evangelical, separated and Wesleyan.

The Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches was formed in November 1973 when small groups met in three different areas of the Province, Enniskillen, Dungannon and Omagh to consider their future course in establishing churches free from ecumenism, worldliness and Modernism.

The name is descriptive of the character and government of the churches. Each local church is self-governing and self-supporting, but subscribes to a common statement of doctrine and standard of Christian living to be part of the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches.

They stated that "God or the Bible has not changed to accommodate the fashionable tendencies of the age and solemnly protest against any introduction of worldliness into the church. … It is necessary to come out from the world and be separate, renouncing all vain pomp and glory, adorning oneself with modest attire." They do not see the church as attempting to compete with or imitate the world in providing programmes of entertainment to attract people in. The church is the body of Christ and as such all its activities must be to win the lost to Him and promote spirituality. They would not permit their property to be used for activities that are merely social, recreational or entertaining.

It is further laid down that "The church does not recognise the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church as Christian. We are also opposed to the false ecumenical the false ecumenical movement and to the World Council of Churches and will not share in any of their activities."
In the matter of funding the church programme they adhere strictly to the faith principle. Believing that giving should be from a heart of love and a genuine desire to support the work of God they refuse to resort to the use of gimmicks, sponsored activities or any other function with the motive of raising money for the Lord’s Work.





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